December 29th, 2005

Pluto close up

Crap that might resemble an update, but not really...

So, in the passed 5 days, I've gotten SEVEN DVD box sets. Most of them for Christmas. telegmo and Justin sent me Golden Girls season 3 on DVD, which pleased me. I like to get things in order, but, as it was a gift, I cannot complain. So, today, when I went to Target to exchange the craptastic Marvel Nemesis game, I got Golden Girls Season 2, because there weren't any copies of season 1. I do love it ever so much, and I love all my other box sets, too. I've only watched Reba (which is way funnier than I remember...) all the way, although I've put dents in Golden Girls 3 and Roseanne 2 and I'm looking to get Golden Girls 1 before I leave, at best buy would be the best, so I can use my rewards card and get more bonus points for discounts and whatnot.

Was there other stuff that I was going to say? I'm sure that there was, but I kind of forgot what it was. Television has been craptacular, but I have plenty of TV on DVD, so I can deal with that. I want to watch the sneak peak of InJustice, but I don't know if I will, because it's Sunday night, and the harpy is nice and liquored up, and 'sad' shows could set her off, and none of us want that. So, she might be zonked out, and that would make me very happy.

OH! Now I remember. Celebrate with me, for Mariah's CD is the top selling CD of the year! It has taken away the title from 50 Cent's! GO MIMI! Say what you will about Mariah, but she has talent, unlike fiddy. Her CD deserves the top spot.

There, I'm done. Carry on.