December 24th, 2005

Pluto close up


PRECIOUS WHITE CHOCOLATE CHIP MACADEMIA NUT COOKIES!!!!! I love those cookies so much, it's not good, but you know what? I don't care. Those cookies are orgasmic! Especially when they're fresh out of the oven and all gooey... *salivates*

Anyway, I spent about 3 hours getting my hair done yesterday. Granted, she was working on two other people, including the harpy, but really, three friggen hours just to get my hair cut and highlighted. Still, it is good to have it cut again, bastard thing needed to get cut like as soon as possible.

And, my cousin decided to grace us with her presence this Christmas. So, now she expects people to bend over backwards for her. That's just the way that she is. I blame society, and the fact that her father's a fucking crackhead and her mother is basically a whore. Those types of things tend to screw a kid up. My parents, by comparison, almost look normal. Of course, I don't like to admit this, because I need to believe certain things about the level of pain that my parents put me through just so that I can function properly, but regardless.

The Chargers lost! Which means that my father and I will not have to suffer through the playoffs. This is easily the best Christmas present that we could possibly get! SO HAPPY! Anyway, someone got here... so I should probably finish the entry in case it's someone that I don't want to come in and look at my shit. Ah, the annoying man and his equally annoying children. ONE of the children apparently got tazed for fucking some other kid up. I'm not lying. Or, I might be lying, but I heard it from the fat and idiotic sister... so yeah.

They're going to steal my cookies!!!! MY COOKIES!!!
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