December 22nd, 2005

Pluto close up

Another day of semi-socialization...

So, I get a phone call from Sarah, my 'ex' (in as much as a person that you went out with in eighth grade and never even held hands with can be considered an 'ex') and she asked me if I wanted to go shopping with her and Liz, my best friend and her older sister, so I thought about it and said what the hell, I haven't seen my friend in over a year (yeah, we're not exactly good on that whole 'best friends' thing, but that's the way that we work) and she has her daughter, Lily, my psuedo niece.

Anyway, we go to get gas because Sarah's tank is pretty much empty. We spent half an hour in traffic, after getting the gas, and we moved about 1/10th of a mile in that span of time. Very upset. VERY upset.

After that we go to Target, and I end up pushing the cart, with Lily, inside of it. Target doesn't have the classic care bear movies, because they're idiots, and I wanted to buy them for her, but no. I instead got her some little my little pony thing that plays the theme. And I got an umbrella for myself.

That was the day. Yup.