December 19th, 2005

Pluto close up

Wow, an almost social day...

First, I woke up at seven in the morning. Yes, seven in the morning, because my grandmother had a doctor's appointment at 9:30 because of her foot that got infected and had to have the middle toe taken out. Yeah, that. Nothing big, so all is well, but I wanted to be there for her, you know? Anyway, that took me until about 12:30 when my Aunt brought me back. I screwed around until 2 when my show came on, and it was a decent show. Hospital hair Dillon = sexy hair. Hair that I would love to have, albeit without the hospital, and the gunshot wound. I bet that's all they're going to show of him, though. He'll be at the hospital, where all this shit is going down, and then bam, nothing. BUT HOLD! There is a small, SMALL, SMAAAAAAAAAAAAAALL chance that Dillon and Jason could get together at the hospital, because of the fact that they're both there. Small chance, and it probably won't be taken. But, if they can do it, I will consider it my Christmas present from GH. Yes, Dillon/Jason scenes are THAT holy to me. Let us pray, good people. Let us pray.

Anyway, back to the point. girltype hit me up on the YIM *gasp!* and asked me if I wanted to go over to Oakridge. We had made plans to do shit, but they fell through when she had to do something else, but they came back. So, I was like, sure, what the hell, why not. I haven't been to Oakridge since before the big overhaul, and I like spending time with the woman, because she understands me. We spoke of Scott Clifton AND Scott Summers, good times. Anyway, yeah, Oakridge. BIG TIME OVERHAUL. Plenty of new stores, but nothing very impressive. People have been trying to pimp out the new comic book store at the mall to me, and, let me tell you, if that's 'quality' then there's really nothing all that great about it. Yes, it has a shitload of trades, and I like that, but at the same time there wasn't anything else. I like my comic book store in Chico better, hell, for actual comics, Bills is probably a little bit better, too. Not a bad store by any means, and I'm glad I went, but there was nothing there for me, which made me sad.

We hit up a few more stores, the apple store so she could buy herself a new Ipod, since she has no shame (a statement that was made many a time, harkening back to the day) and would rather spend her money of herself than anyone else (okay, yeah, sure, she saved the money for herself, but nonetheless), and once that was done we walked around and did shit. Hot Topic angers me now. It used to be so great, now it's filled with all these little poser bitches. They played Madonna at Hot Topic. MADONNA. I love Madonna more than most people ever will, mind you, but Hot Topic and Madonna seriously don't go together, especially when one takes into account the whole Green Day movement. Two seconds into the store and some girl screams at Vanessa, "I LOVE YOUR SHIRT!" Insert the classic smacking the hand on the head deal.

So, I went to the mall looking for something to buy my mother, since, odds are damned high that I won't be getting her the gift I ordered for her for Christmas. I sent an e-mail over to the people at the Disneystore, they don't really seem to give that much of a damn yet. But, whatever. I found some things, but they were expensive as all hell. They had this beautiful crystal shop, things were like 200 dollars for a little crystal item that the cats would break in two seconds. So, yeah, that was avoided.

I will say, though, the best thing about the New Mall is the Target. Yes, you heard me right, the TARGET... it's built into the goddamned mall! AND IT'S TWO STORIES!!!! It even has some escalator deal that you put your cart on and then it moves the cart up like the first part of the roller coaster ride. I was all 'this is sooooo cool,' and then she told me that I was acting like someone would act from my hometown. The wound, it has yet to heal. It was odd wheeling through the mall on the way back to her car with a Target basket, though, lemme tell ya.

On the ride home we listened to the new DBSK album, because I wanted her to hear Rising Sun (twas intense, she says) and then we spoke more of Scott and how I used to love him once (Summers, not Clifton, who I still love) and how it was all about the hair, even back in the day. So yeah, I didn't accomplish much today, but I did shit. And now I'm gonna go nap. Ja.