December 9th, 2005

Pluto close up

Unexpected Happies!

My mother calls me (don't worry, it gets better, MUCH better) and then she tells me that I can spend 150 dollars on my credit card, spend it however I want. Apparently she wants me to consolidate my credit card, or something like that... so that means that I get free money. FREE MONEY!!! Of course, being that it is the holidays and all that I refuse to spend it selfishly and guy presents for my daddy (two guitar books filled with sheet music, which he best fucking appreciate!) and then I'll buy some presents for the boys, and I already bought Scott Clifton's new CD! It should be mine by the time I get home, if not a little after. Such information makes me happy. And I still have some more cash to get some new kpop, because I need to get like 3 albums, at least.
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    DBSK- Rising Sun