December 8th, 2005

Pluto close up

It appears I have a reason to watch the grammy's next year!

Mariah has been nominated for eight awards this year! Including Album and Record of the Year for 'We Belong Together!' I do love that song ever so much. Mariah's ballads do things for me. You know what pisses me off? Gwen fucking Stefani got nominated for five because of her solo album and that damnable Holla Back girl! I HATE HOLLA BACK GIRL!!! They played that thing so much, not like they didn't play We Belong Together a whole lot, but Holla Back girl, by definition, is supposed to get annoying after the bazillioneth time it is played, much like any song by Outkast. And did it ever get annoying. Don't get me wrong, I like Gwen a lot... but that song is overrated filth, honestly. And Kanye? To hell with that bastard. Watch, MC will get snubbed like she did at the VMA's, poor underappreciated MC. I might just get that album for Christmas, I kinda want it now, especially for the videos and the aforementioned song. How long has it been since I bought an English album? Hmm, when did hotel paper come out? That's the last one I remember buying. I wanted to get Exodus, to support Utada, but my parents neglected to get it for me last Christmas, and when I heard You Make Me Want To Be A Man I realized that English Utada... not so good. If she put her English version of First Love on the damned thing the whole issue would be awash, but she didn't.

telegmo made me watch One Tree Hill for him last night because he couldn't watch it... so yeah, I was watching that and basically going 'what the hell is going on?' The other brother, not the Chad Michael Murray one, he shaved his head... it was harmful. When will those people learn that hair is a wonderful thing and should never, ever be cut? Him, Chad, and that kid from 7th Heaven... foolish, foolish idiots. Oh wait, Steve Howey did it on Reba, too! And it harmed me so much. I do love Steve Howey, he amuses the hell out of me. I hope I get Reba season 2 for Christmas, I will be very sad if I do not. I asked for Gargoyles Season 2 Part 1 as well, but I'm not really wanting that all that much, because, you know, I still haven't watched all of season 1, which I've had for almost a year... I guess it didn't get good till season 2, which might be the reason why I haven't watched it.

Woke up really early again today... I wonder what's going on. I hope it doesn't become a habit, it's pretty damned annoying, especially when I'm in the bed and just sort of waiting to fall back asleep. I woke up around 4 to turn off the television, and then I wake up again and its like 6:50, so I'm tossing and turning till 7:30, 45 minutes before I normally wake up, and decide to just up and get up.

Last night I finally fixed the stupid sound that my computer was making! Jason, my roommate, helped me by saying that the metal piece that covers the second fan, the one at the top, seems to have been bent, so I had to pull it down a little bit, and it worked! No more stupid noise!!! He also cleaned my computer out with his compressed air can. There was a shit load of dust in that there computer. I think the people at Best Buy lied to me and said that it was clean when it wasn't all that clean. Shame on them. Bastards at Best Buy. Bastards, I say!

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