December 5th, 2005

Pluto close up

I swear...

One of the days I'm going to update my user info with new pictures and all that good shit. No, seriously, I am. One of the days... but that day is not today, more than likely. Unless I get really, really boring and decide to do it, but then I would be forced to look for new pictures, which I don't really like to do, because, well, that sucks.

In other news, Walt Disney's birthday is today. Makes a certain rant kinda timely, dontcha think?

In other other news: I WANT THE FUCKING X3 TRAILER, DAMMIT!!!!! GIMME GIMME GIMME GIMME!!!! I've seen pictures. I hate Kelsey Grammar. I'm not that fond of Hank, and I hate Kelsey as Hank. The same with Warren. I LOATHE Warren almost as much as Wolverine, which is big on the hate, lemme tell ya. I don't care much for Ben Foster. Fast Forward was good for one reason only: Jewel Staite. PRECIOUS JEWEL STAITE!!! He was jut there. The wings look kinda cool. I'll give them that much. Of course, I want Movie Bobby, because I love Movie Bobby. I also want him to die in the movie. Though people are claiming that it will likely be the last movie, Kelsey is signed to a two picture deal, although so was Alan Cumming and he got axed from this one. So yeah.

I love As One!
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Pluto close up


I didn't mention the fact that yesterday also brought nothing in the way of groups!!!! SADNESS!!!

I still love As One
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White Phoenix Base by alrischa

It's official

God, or whatever, hates me!!! I CAN'T WATCH THE X3 TRAILER!!!!!!!!!!! IT MAKES ME SO SAD!!!!! I've done everything that I can, downloaded quicktime, and undownloaded it then REdownloaded it... and still nothing. It sucks. I wanna see the trailer so much! Granted, most of it looks to anger me... like the fact that the Newer X-Men (IE the JR Members) appear to be at a funeral of some sort, and since it would make very little sense to have them be there for Jean's funeral since they weren't X-Men when she died... it means that someone else died. And it wasn't Bobby! DAMN!

In other, happier news: fuseji said that I looked more like a soap star now than I ever did before. It made me very happy!