November 28th, 2005

Pluto close up

I know, I'm bad...

I don't update this thing nearly as much as I should, or could. I don't even post over at the GH community that often, which used to be the whole reason for me keeping my journal around in the first place, aside from random little tidbits that I have from time to time. So, right now I really, REALLY should be doing something productive, like reading that fucking book Pocho for my Chicano Lit class, but I cannot STAND Pocho, it is horrible and boring and I don't want to read something that is horrible and boring. Plus, it is post Turkey-break, which means that I am chronically unmotivated to do anything, and by the time I can get my motivation back it is already the end of the semester, which is a good thing since it gets me recharged for semester #2, but nonetheless. I contend that the semester should end at thanksgiving, and then return the first week of the new year, the first full week, mind you. Intercession would start right after Thanksgiving, and end right before Christmas, that way people can get the whole two holidays off and everyone will be happy. Les, my friend, concurs with me, as he should.

Yesterday I woke up a 3:45 so I could get out of the house as soon as possible. Horrible oppressive house. But I miss my fatty and my ricky. My fatty and my ricky, for those who don't know, are two of the many cats that we have running around the house. Fatty's true name is Sassy, but she's a little piglet (although she is skinny, she eats like a pig), so I call her fatty. Ricky's true name is Ricky, although the full name is Ricky Racer, but we just call him Ricky. I also call him Rick Rick. I didn't pick the name, I rarely do. And I miss my puppies, too! And my grandma! And my Usagi-chan! And my daddy! But not the harpy. Most certainly not the harpy.

I had to go and see my 15 year old cousin in the hospital in San Jo on Saturday. He almost died, bedsore type deal. He was hooked up to a bunch of machines and we had to wear smocks when we went in there. I was super quiet, because I HATE hospitals. I hate seeing people hooked up the machines. I also hate old folks homes. I'm a cynic, don't get me wrong, but I don't like being slapped with death so carelessly, that shit scares the hell out of me. And then I was forced to spend 3 hours doing nothing because my parents were getting worked on by a cairopractor, I probably spelled that wrong, but so what. That was painful and boring.

Yesterday was much better, though. MY CABLE INTERNET IS FIXED! Or at least it appeared to be, because it was a lot faster than it used to be, so that made me very, very happy. Last night I was looking for Character Models in the off chance that I actually find a role playing group worth being in (there were like 75 messages in one of the ad groups I'm a member of, and not a single one was actually interesting). One thing I hate doing is looking for character models, because I always think about it too hard. I did learn that Matt Lanter, the guy who plays Horace on Commander In Chief, was on Bravo's Manhunter reality show, which was interesting. Plenty of shirtless pics to be found of him, not much else. Boy's a friggen pretty boy, lemme tell ya. I also got some pics of Sean Faris, who is also quite pretty. Stupid pretty boys making me realize what I don't have!! So yeah, two new character models to use in the off chance that I decide to use them.

When I get home I'm going to opus (because I didn't opus at all yesterday, being up since 3:45 and not taking a nap), which is rare for me on a Monday, but since my 100 page lead has shrank to 20 I NEED to work as much as possible. Plus, with Gilmore Girls no longer showing season 5 episodes on ABC Fam I have an hour that I used to reserve for it that I can kill otherwise. I did some mapping, so I know where I want to go, which should help. I just wish more people would give me input, although story #3 officially has more reviews than story #2. And since it is Monday and TV sucks on Monday, I don't have much else to do. Catch CSI: Miami and see if Eva La Rue is on, if not, fuck it.

After I opus I shall do a post for Hellbound. It is Christmas Eve there, which means that Tristan's gonna have some shit to do. The next two weeks are the two weeks I've been waiting for, actually, the next like five are the ones I've been waiting for in terms of story for him. Don't get me wrong, he's still got a story, he's my baby I make sure that he doesn't just stand around and twiddle his thumbs, but these next few weeks are going to be BIG for him, and that makes me happy. It still sucks because nobody else is doing anything and haven't done much of anything for two months. After I write for Tristan I'm going to do an inactive sweep of the group and literally get rid of about 85% of the people who are considered core characters, because nobody is posting. If Kim, the owner, doesn't like it, tough shit. She ain't done anything and I always do inactive sweeps whenever I feel like it, part of my mod job. Maybe it will get their collective asses in gear, but I doubt that. The other two characters are kind of just standing around doing nothing, but that's okay, they're not the focus of the group, Tristan is. He is because I keep him active. Go me.

GH has been giving me mixed emotions, ESPECIALLY behind the scenes. I'm beyond happy that Ignacio is leaving, since he is supremely untalented and should never have bee hired at all. I'm sad that they MIGHT recast the role and bring the character back, but I have faith that they will have an actor who isn't nearly as bad as Ignacio, which could make the character a little more tolerable. Unlikely, but it could happen. However, I am still saddened by losing Alicia Leigh Willis, the hottie in the icon. I started watching because of her and her hotness. Granted, Courtney as a character has gone downhill since being paired with Jax, but that's still the end of an era for me.

See? All this pretty much makes up for the lack of writing as of late, right?

As a final note: girltype, are we gonna hit up Memiors of a Geisha? I actually WANT to see that movie, and since we love such things, we should go together. You don't get to use it as an excuse to drag me to a Harry Potter showing, though. I swear to god, if you pull that shit on me there will be hell to pay.
Pluto close up


I'm looking on my space, just for the hell of it. Run into Carly's my space. She's engaged... and, while she seriously treated me like shit, it STILL hurts to think of her as engaged...