November 20th, 2005

White Phoenix Base by alrischa

And the day started out so good...

The harpy, for all her faults, is damned good at making the fried potatoes for breakfast, and I love me the fried potatoes, so I was happy. Then, I went to go see my granny, which also makes me very happy because my grandmother is the single greatest person in the whole entire world, bar none. Spent an hour with her, in which we discussed many things about a lot of various whatnot, most of which was just talking about stories of the old time, but when my grandma tells the story it is always good. So, after that we went to Electronics Boutique so that I could get Dragon Quest VIII and the FFXII demo disc that comes along with it. I forked out 10 bucks for the guide, but, overall, nothing bad. So, I come back and do some writing so that all my characters are posted for (why I do this when I'm the only one who actually gives a damn? I don't know, but I do), and then I put together my games so that I can play them. All is well... until I find out that my PS2 doesn't work. Now, if you remember, last December I had the problem with my PS2 not playing my blue disc game. So, I had to get rid of the old PS2 for the new PS2... and, apparently, that screwed up because the AC adapter is bad. So... I can't play my game today, until tomorrow when I go to the outlets and the Sony store.

I'm not happy, no I'm not.