November 15th, 2005

Pluto close up

I laugh

Because Kim can come around long enough to invite new members to the group, but can't be bothered to do anything else. It's pathetic. Very pathetic. Luckily, since there's only one person who does anything for the site, IE me, I don't have to do much aside from field questions from annoying people who I don't want to have a conversation with. Still, since I'm the only one around, I at least have an excuse, because we have a 2/3 vote system, and if I'm the only one it's only a 1 out of 3, so yeah. Not my fault, nopes. Now I have a vague idea of how telegmo feels. Granted, updating my site doesn't take hours upon hours, but nonetheless.

Side Note: snowflake_girl where be those icons? Need new Iconage!!! No rush, of course, just wonderin'
Pluto close up


I have this heavy, heavy, heavy sinking feeling that Gilmore Girls just jumped the shark. Luke shouldn't have a daughter that he never knew about, dammit!!! HE SHOULDN'T!!!! And Christopher shouldn't have millions of dollars!!! WHY THE HELL IS THIS HAPPENING!?!?
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