November 10th, 2005

Pluto close up

I did some cleaning up 'round here...

I deleted a bunch of communities that I'm no longer an active part of, or no longer want to be a part of. So, yeah, I did that. I also took away a bunch of friends from my friends list, but, as far as I know the people who I deleted haven't updated their journals either A) ever, or B) in a long, long time, so, if you want to check and see if I accidentally deleted you and I did, and you want me to refriend, just toss me a comment, since I don't do friends only and it will be done. If you don't want me to refriend, well, then that's your right, and, if you want me to unfriend, go right ahead and ask.

In other news: I curse newtdaydreamer for finding a new RPG when I've been looking for a long ass time. Of course, I curse with love, but really, jealous! Good job, though, hope you have lots of fun.

Honestly, I've concluded that Extreme Dodgeball is more fun than it should be.
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