October 27th, 2005

Pluto close up

Is My Daddy's Birthday

Yup, daddy turned 49 today. So, I had to call because I thought for a second that I may have missed it and that would have been very, very bad. Next year I *MIGHT* go back home for his birthday, because it will be his 50th, and that's pretty important. But only if he wants me to go back, because I have no desire to be going back to that place unless there is the promise of presents for myself or because I have to. When I called the Harpy answered, and I was not pleased, because the harpy and I have not spoken since Saturday Night whens he was all drunk and yelling at me for telling her that I came to school to get the hell away from her and her evil ways. Thankfully, harpy wasn't drunk, so she didn't say anything and didn't ramble. This pleases me. But she will call. Eventually I will just turn off the cell phone at night. Hell, I have ring tones, I should just ignore the ring tone any time she calls. Yes, that's a good idea.

Anyway, I've concluded that I SERIOUSLY hate the World Lit class that I'm taking. It's one of the two useless classes that I'm taking. I like the people I sit near, they're funny and cute, but they're also little sophomore girls that like to get drunk and party, plus, I fugly, they not. We're starting to read an actual novel, Neuromancer, it's about technology and shit. 271 pages, the print is TINY. I seriously do not want to do it, because I don't want to read... but I gotta, and this does not please me. Rick, the professor, grad student, he mentioned the power glove from the NES back in the day, that pleased me. But on the whole, I hate that class.