October 23rd, 2005

Pluto close up

Fire Emblem Is Fun!!!

Having so much fun playing Fire Emblem, although sometimes it does irk me, because I have to reset the game when a person dies, what with the whole staying dead thing. Plus, neither of the thieves seem very appealing. I mean, in FE 1 Matthew was like my FAVORITE character in the game. I loved him, he kicked so much ass, even though he was a little thief and he shouldn't have done all that much damage, but he was pretty powerful. And then there was the thief in the second game, Colm, who I also loved... obviously, this means nothing to just about everyone here, since nobody else plays Fire Emblem, to my knowledge. You all should. LOVE that game. But yeah, the thieves are random people whose names I can't remember, one of them is Volke, he's all right, and the other one is some kid who doesn't gain EXP as much as the others, and he starts at level one despite getting him like 1/3rd of the way in, so he does NO damage at all, and that angers me because how the hell am I supposed to level him up if he doesn't do any damage? I mean, I can level him up by giving him the bonus EXP, but I like to keep that around for making up the slack between levels, so someone levels up. It's easier to get support this time, although I didn't know that there were only a certain amount of times you could talk to someone, anyone, and then bam, your support conversations are done with. That kind of sucked, but I don't see myself really needing the support, since I never did for the first two games, to my knowledge.

In other news: I can't watch Supernatural anymore. Why? Because the bastards decided to cancel blue collar tv or whatever the redneck show is called, and, in doing so, they moved Supernatural to that time slot, which means that it goes against DH. A rerun, to be sure, but still, I can't watch it anymore, and that pisses me off. Commander-In-Chief wasn't on Saturday, DH was, and if that keeps on happening then I can't watch CiC anymore, either. People are just trying to get rid of television viewing for me, because I watch 20 hours at least. Plus, today, at 11, VH1 had I love the 80s 3D, which wasn't SUPPOSED to start until tomorrow night, so I almost missed that. Good thing I decided to randomly check VH1 at that time. Sure, it would have been rerun up the wazoo, but nonetheless.

Still nothing big on the RP front. No games worth mentioning, they all seem pretty boring, or full of idiots. I hate it when people are idiots.