October 18th, 2005

Pluto close up

I went to see my advisor yesterday...

And she told me that two of the classes that I am taking at this particular moment do not count for anything. That, two of these classes are ENTIRELY useless to me aside from the units that I am getting for taking them, units that basically mean that I can get finacial aid and nothing else. Nothing else at all. Well, a GPA buffer, assuming I do well in them it will bring my cumulative GPA thing up, hopefully allowing me to get at least a 3.0, because I want at least a 3.0, since, 3.0 is a good thing, even though, in college, a like 2.8 or so is a B- average, and I have that 2.8, because I'm a good student. Ha, good student my ass. Nonetheless, I wasn't happy. But, at the very least, I found out that I won't be graduating in a semester, which is what I wanted because I do not want to deal with the real world yet. Damned real world. Stay away! STAY AWAY!!!