October 11th, 2005

Pluto close up

The harpy returns to pester me...

Apparently, this lady that used to drive one of the buses at my elementary school, which I sometimes rode on the short bus, but only when the not so short bus was broken down or something, not because I NEEDED the short bus... although getting the short bus was rather amusing, even though it was sometimes SUPER crowded because we had a shit load of people who would ride on my route. Anyway, said lady, she had a histerectomy... which I probably butchered horribly, but still, it remains the same, she's in the hospital, got an operation. Harpy queen demands that I go and find her daughter, because her daughter goes to school here as well, and be all supportive and crap. Don't get me wrong, I like the girl who I'm 'supposed' to look for, but, there are like 13000 students who run around the school, and I tend to hang around one specific area of school, since all my classes are there. But no, horrid bitty that she is, she's like 'YOU HAVE TO GO AND FIND HER AND TELL HER HOW SORRY YOU ARE AND HOW MUCH YOU SUPPORT HER AND IF SHE NEEDS YOU TO BE HER SHOULDER TO LEAN ON AND THEN YOU CAN GO AND HAVE SEX WITH HER AND MAKE ME A GRANDMOTHER SO THAT I CAN BE A YOUNG GREAT GRANDMOTHER AND DESTROY YOUR CHILDREN AND GRANDCHILDREN THE SAME WAY THAT I DESTROYED YOU!!!' Okay, so she didn't say it with as much passion as the caps imply, and, everything after sex is just me trying to make it seem more humorous than it should be. The point is that she wants me to go and look for this one girl out of over ten thousand. A girl I haven't seen since at least May, a Girl whose schedule I don't know... but I should drop everything and go look just to appease her.

Damnable woman, and she always calls on the FUCKING HOUSE PHONE. I tell her over and over not to call on the damned house phone because it isn't cordless, which means that I have to get up and stand REALLY close to the television, and then I have the stupid wire going over the television and obstructing part of the screen. No shame, that bitch. No shame. She also wants me to go and get a checkup because she assumes that I have insurance, which I don't. God, I hate that woman.

In better news, though, I watched another episode of Commander in Chief. Geena Davis is REALLY charismatic, she has a lot of screen presence. I'm going to miss this show when I start watching House again in a few weeks, but I won't sacrifice House, because House is funny, and Commander in Chief, which looks like a really strange word when you spell it out, but back to the point, the show was better this week than it was last week. Last week was really, really confusing and this week it was REALLY good. My friend was like 'maybe this show is briging up your tolerance for Government...' that would be bad, since I hate the government. Still, a good show.

Now I'm watching Ryan Carnes get beat up by Ricardo something or other. Carlos on Desperate Housewives. I miss Ryan Carnes as Lucas. I miss him so much.
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