October 4th, 2005

Pluto close up

I am one step closer!!!

I can now have a Gilmore Girls/Desperate Housewives marathon! As I told my friend online, I am one step closer to having a vagina. He said that he was thinking the same exact thing. This was entirely tongue in cheek, although I am a man who loves his Girly shows... no shame in that, lemme tell ya! So, now my DVD collection is up to date, aside from things that I want. I should compile a list, complete with prices so I can see just how much my DVDs cost me... but that would be bad.

30 minutes to NEW Gilmore Girls (although most of Season 4 is new to me, as well as about half of season 5), and then I'm going to watch Commander in Chief, because WB reruns Supernatural at least once during the week, so I can catch it then. I was GOING to watch Supernatural, but then I realized that I wanted to watch Commander in Chief just to see what it would be like, so it is necessary to sacrifice Supernatural for at least a week.