September 26th, 2005

Pluto close up

The Harpy and the Harpy's Drinkin' Buddy Have Done the Splits!

Yes, indeed, if all things go according to plans, my mother will no longer have her drinking buddy in her company. Last night, said drinking buddy got upset because the harpy got pissed at her for talking during the sacred chargers football game, so, the harpy's drinking buddy, who I am quite fond of because she might be a drunkard too, but she's not my mother, so she's not an uber-evil drunkard who makes me want to scream/cry/slit stuff/stay away and any other ways of relieving stress that may come to my mind at any time of the day. So, I call her, and she starts to cry to me about how she said that she didn't want anyone to talk to her during the football game. She's such a fucking idiot. GOD my mother needs to just go away. Far, far away.

I should get me some DH icons. BREE ICONS ALL THE WAY!!!!!