September 19th, 2005

Pluto close up

I was going to say something...

I seriously was, I had this post all worked out in my head, but now I can't remember what I was going to write about. Might be the BMU, where I am currently making stupid spelling errors because I don't like the way that the keyboard feels on my hands, but I digress. Let's talk about the emmy's, shall we? Lauren Graham looked GORGEOUS. I've concluded, I'm in love with that woman. Like, seriously, in LOVE with Lauren Graham. Usually, I leave such strong amounts of love for the asian girls, but Lauren is just... too pretty for words. Marcia Cross also looked excellent in that dress, with her hair all pretty and it sucks that she lost to Felicity, but at least she lost to one of her castmates. The TRUE blasphemy is Everybody Loves Raymond winning over DH... I realize it was the sympathy emmy, which means that Will and Grace will probably get the emmy for next year since this is their last season, thusly snubbing DH again, but nonethelss. I DO NOT LOVE RAYMOND!!!! NEVER HAVE, NEVER WILL!!! I screamed indignities. Especially after Lost won. Damn, I don't know what it is about that show, but I can't stand the hype it gets. Nothing I've seen makes me think that it's decent. Plus, I hate that Dominic guy, don't know why, he just irks me. So, when they won and DH didn't... I wasn't pleased. Plus, Hugh Laurie, my boy, didn't win for Best Drama actor... he lost to that damned Spader!!! And Shatner? SHATNER won an emmy? THE FUCK?

We were talking about television in my class this morning, it pleased me. This girl didn't know that Jack and Bobby got cut, and it made me sad to give her the news, but I needed to give her the news because she needed to know. Truly, losing Jack and Bobby was a horrible, horrible thing. That show had so much potential. LOVED it. So then they were like 'do you plan out what you're going to watch on a schedule?' Everyone thinks that I do that... I don't, I plan ahead. Not that hard.

I hate mondays, I have to stay at school till 4, miss General Hospital, and then by the time I get home I'm all tired and can't really do any writing, but I have to do writing because I'm going to start posting the opus cubed today, now that I have hit 100 pages, which should give me enough slack to keep on writing without worrying about losing my lead. I want to work on it more, though.
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Pluto close up

NOW I remember

On my board in my room I have something like Lucy has with the doctor is 'in/out' depending on if she's at her stand, so I have on my message board 'the guru is in/out,' and then below that I have 'messages for the guru' and sometimes Aidan, Matt and Ben write questions for me to answer, so yesterday it was something that had to do with crabs. I got it. They wrote another one last night, and it was 'what's at the end of the rainbow.' The obvious answer would be 'a pot of gold' right? But no, I go 'muppets who sing about the rainbow connection.' Because, dammit, I'm the guru of pop culture and I should know these things. I love that movie. I need to see it again. I seriously want to buy all the muppet things on dvd.

I was HALF inclined to write that the entryway to the world where Glomer resided before he met Punky Brewster was at the end of the rainbow, but nobody would get that. I don't even think that most of you here know about the Punky Brewster animated series... but, again, I'm expected to know these things.
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