September 14th, 2005

Pluto close up

This blows!

The people are making me and my roommates sign a 'roommate agreement contract' that we have to fill out saying when we want to go to sleep, when we want to study, when we want to do this, when we want to do that... WHAT THE FUCK!?! I realize that we don't need to adhere to anything that we signed, but, the fact that we have to spend time doing something incredibly stupid like that just makes me want to scream. The RA, to her credit, said that she tried to get them to back off such inane acts, all the RAs did, alas, the powers that be mandated that we have such things, and I am not pleased.

In other news: the demon known as Spears has spawned herself a son. The world is now a bleaker place, a much bleaker place indeed.