September 10th, 2005

Pluto close up


The 11 shows 11 characters see how well you know me and my loves has ended. I won, with less than half the shows being guessed correctly. As expected, snowflake_girl guessed the most correctly with three. So, good job!!!

Now I'm bored.

Side note: A new DBSK album seriously just snuck up on me.
Pluto close up

Adventures in Video Games

Brian and I started playing Street Fighter the Anniversary Edition. I, of course, started off with Chunner, my beloved Chunner, and then, bam, I got my ass kicked. It was very shameful. Then, again, and then again. Brian beat me 3 times in a row, with Chunner, and Guile, and then Cammy. But I came back with Ken and whooped his ass, then I picked Fei Long, whooped his ass, then Vega, whooped his ass, then I went back to Chunner and he perfected me for one round, to my eternal shame, and beat me again, picked Cammy again, and won. Aidan came around during this fest and watched us, because he did not want to play since he doesn't much like fighting games aside from Soul Calibur and MK. Since I hate Soul Calibur II and think that it is so overrated, I didn't even mention it, and I have no MK. Our final round was Blanka vs Blanka, where we would spend a good amount of time just rolling back and forth. I won by the skin of my teeth, and then I said 'let's play Smash Brothers,' since there are three of us, and Playstation 2 doesn't have four hubs, because they're fucking dumbasses, luckily, they learned with PS3, which will have four hubs out of the box, this pleases me. Back to the point: Smash Brothers. I started out with Captain Falcon, just because I didn't want to murder them with Link, that would just be unkind and since I was the host, I shouldn't have slaughtered them so effortlessly. Brian had never played Smash Brothers Melee, and Aidan hadn't in awhile, so I killed their asses good and plenty with Captain Falcon, then Luigi, and I think that was it. Ben came, Aidan's roommate, and asked if what we were playing. I offered to let him play as well, but he declined, then, Aidan and I decided to play Mario Kart because Brian had opted out of SSBM, but Ben saw us playing Mario Kart and said he would play that, so I told Brian that we needed a fourth, because Mario Kart is a lot more fun with four people than it is with three. So is smash brothers, but, yeah. And that is where the most fun was had. Me, Aidan, Ben, Brian playing Mario Kart for Four races. First race was Baby Park, since it is the shortest one and Ben hadn't played Double Dash before, so it would give him a good feel for the controls and the specials. I got a star early on and used that to give me a lead that they never even came close to catching. My team of Yoshi and Toad (very rare for me to pick them, I just felt like it), using Birdo's car owned them in that round. So, we went to DK mountain, which offered more of a challange, Aidan and I were pretty much well balanced, with Ben and Brian complaining about how much they hated the track. I think it's a lot of fun, and learned that if you pull back when you do the big jump, you gain leverage. Since, for some reason, the game is set to have six laps instead of three, we did six laps with lightning bolts, eggs, blue shells (my eternal nemesis) and other weapons galore. Still, Set triumphed, claiming the top spot that is rightfully his. This is not ego, this is just cold fact. Fun was had by all, and we continued on to Daisy's Cruiser. The tables are Ben's enemy, he has stated as much. Again, I pulled a relatively easy lead, with Brian placing in second, if memory serves. The final race was the Mushroom City night track, with cars coming after us and bombs and all that good shit. This was all the 150 CC for those that want to know. So yeah, I'm pretty much in the lead till the last lap, when somehow, through horridly placed traps, cars, and items I end up in LAST place. I will not give up, I continue on, knocking Brian out of his first place lead (which he swore he would lose by the time he got it), victory APPEARED to be mine, I was right near the finish line... then boom, I got hit by a fucking bomb car, RIGHT by the finish line, which allowed Ben to scoop up first place, Aidan got second, and Brian got fourth, with me managing to get third. SO much laughter was had with that. So much.

Good times, probably the most fun I've had playing Mario Kart Double Dash ever.
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