September 8th, 2005

Pluto close up

So, I see this Milk commerical, right?

And it's this commercial that claims that drinking Milk helps with PMS. So you see these random guys that buy a shit load of Milk and then you see one of them walk inside and he goes 'honey, I'm home.' SO wrong. Amusing, yes, but wrong. I don't foresee that commercial being on very long, since this is America, where everyone can bitch until something gets done.

You know, I read this shit on IGN and the Continuum about Marvel being able to produce their own movies. It's great, I think, but they are making random ass shit. Cloak and Dagger? Come on... I love Dagger, dearly, wouldn't trade her for the world, but who the hell is going to watch a Cloak and Dagger movie aside from the devout few like myself? And Ant-Man? even I won't touch that. THe Avengers Movie, though, that garners respect, especially if they get a good cast of characters and good actors.

In other news: X3 comes out the week I'm home from school next year. So, me and girltype are gonna hit that shit up, the midnight showing, whichever theater... hells yeah.

Tonight is the start of reunion. Yay!
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Pluto close up

A decent Meme, hence why I stole it!

stolen from snowflake_girl, here be the instructions:
01. Post a list of 11 TV shows you love (current or canceled,)
02. Have your friends list guess your favorite CHARACTER from each show.
03. When guessed bold the line and write a sentence about why you like that character (since I have no idea HOW to bold... I'll just * when someone guesses instead)...
04. Post in your own livejournal.

*1: General Hospital- Dillon: Why do I love Dillon? Because he reminds me of myself in a lot of ways, you know, sans the hair, and the at least par looks. He's quirky, he's got a fucked up family where he is oft the sane member, he's humorous, and he hated high school. I wanted to hate Dillon. I REALLY, REALLY did, but I couldn't.
*2: Desperate Housewives- Bree: I love Bree. She's like the new... well, I won't say who, because that could give an answer away. I love the way that she acts like everything is all right, when everything around her is just madness. It reminds me of myself so much. Plus, she's a redhead. I love redheads.
3: House- Dr. Robert Chase: This one is all about Jesse Spencer, the entire reason why I started watch House. Yeah, House is funnier, but Chase, Chase is the one who provides the inner drama between the four core doctors, he's the inside man to the powers that be, he's the one that people need to watch out for. If he would just get a haircut, life would be good.
4: Roseanne- Jackie: An odd choice, I'm sure. As it was told to me 'she's so over the top.' But I love the fact that she's over the top. Plus, she hates her mother, a lot, and I can relate with that. She makes me laugh the most, I don't know why she does, she just does. And then she ended up turning out to be gay, nothing wrong with that.
*5: Golden Girls- Sophia: I adore the crazy ass old woman who says whatever it is that's on her mind, and that is why I love Sophia. No, wait, I love Zulu, Queen of the Dwarfs. Sophia had the best lines on the show, the ones that stuck with me throughout the years. Bless Sophia! Bless Estelle Getty!!
6: Living Single- Maxine: Erika Alexander, the Cosby Show Vet. She says the funniest lines, a lot like Sophia in that she doesn't give a damn who hears it. Her on off relationship with Kyle was one of the longer arcs of the show, too.
*7: Dynasty- Alexis: This one should have been obvious to everyone, since I claim that Joan Collins owns me, and she does. Alexis is, and will always be, the best character ever, at least for a female, if not for anyone. She was this heartless bitch that set the standard for bitches, but she cared so much about her children and would move heaven and earth for them. Joan Collins, Alexis, two wonderful teachers.
*8: Gilmore Girls- Jess: Normally I hate manbitches. I don't know why, bitchness should be reserved for the womens, but, with Jess, being a manbitch was okay. In fact, I loved him for being a manbitch. Yes, he treated Rory like shit, and that was not something that I enjoyed, but he was witty and negative and he knew what to say.
9: Reba- Van: I know, I know, Reba owns my soul, and Van is a jock, and I hate jocks. I still hate jocks, but there's something about Van that I adore. He's the funniest character on the show, and, unlike most jocks, he is good natured and not egotistical. If all jocks were like Van, I wouldn't hate jocks nearly as much as I do. Yes, sure, he's simpleminded, but it's endearing and not annoying.
10: Buffy- Willow: See Bree, the redhead factor, plus, Willow's great. Sad though I was when she turned out to be gay (because it eliminated any chances I had with Willow, so sad), she was still the greatest character on the show. Funnier than Buffy, more powerful than Buffy, and she went Dark Phoenix in season six. How can I not love someone who goes Dark Phoenix?
11: Everwood- Hannah: A late entry into the world of Everwood, coming in sometime during season three, but, I also started watching sometime during season three, so Hannah being new was sort of like me being new. She's the funniest character, too, she gets the great lines that are laced with sarcasm that belies her glasses and shy girl charm. Bright is unworthy of Hannah, but, at the same time, I don't mind that he ended up with her, because she cares about him.

One guess per show per person. So there.