September 5th, 2005

Pluto close up

This pleases me!!

Yesterday, I went to Solid, because it was actually up for a little while (solid is so beyond fucked up right now, it has been all summer long, always dying. Always fucking dying. Depressing), and I saw some person say that Fly to the Sky's 6th album was coming out at the end of the month!!! This is their first album away from SM, which is bittersweet for me, because, you know, I love SM Entertainment with every fiber of my being, but I'm also happy that FttS kept on doing music, and that SM let them keep the name, with royalities, of course. It's just... odd. It came out SO fast. Less than a year after Gravity, which was released in the beginning of November. Some people on Solid are like 'it came so fast, the greatest hits album just came out a few months ago!' And while this is true, the greatest hits album isn't really an 'album,' and they didn't have anything to do with it, since it was released by SM after their contract expired, and after they finished promoting the 5th album, which they did for about two months after their contract was done.

Nonetheless, a new album by my favorite Korean group!!!

In other news: I've been trying to find a way to budget my spending so that I can have optimal time to do the good things and buy the good things that I want: So far, about 250 is spent on video games and video game related whatnot: X-Men Legends II comes out in 15 days, I need to go preorder that, then, in about a month after that, Fire Emblem for the GC comes out, also need to preorder that, and Dragon Warrior VIII comes out, which I also need to preorder, and then Kingdom Hearts II, probably the game I'm most looking forward to this year, comes out on December 1st, so I need to preorder that, too. This is all barring any delays, which are expected, although it would suck. Sadly, I don't have the money to buy more video games... I want Suikoden Tactics, and the new Kirby game for the Gamecube, both of which come out in November. Super Mario Strikers, and Mario Baseball also look appealing, and, despite my hatred of DDR, I am interested in the Mario DDR... just because, dammit, it has the classic tunes! I intend on asking for at least Suikoden Tactics for Christmas, but I might swing Kirby, too.

But the DVD front is where I really get hit the hardest, because, frankly, I need some of them... like, as soon as they come out, don't want to wait till Christmas: Those are Desperate Housewives Season 1, which comes out two weeks from tomorrow and Gilmore Girls season 4, which comes out three weeks from tomorrow. The worst part is that I'll be asking for like five DVD sets for Christmas: Gilmore Girls season 5, Thundercats Season 1 part 2, He-Man Season 1 Part 1, Reba Season 2, and Roseanne Season 2, altogether, that's not exactly cheap. Damn my lack of money. Damn it to hell. Yes, I realize that complaining about things like this is stupid and trite, compared to what people are dealing with due to the hurricane, and I realize that, pound for pound, I'm way luckier, but nonetheless... blows.