September 2nd, 2005

Pluto close up

Set has recieved good news.

Yes, Set has gotten very good news indeed. He went to earlier today and what was there waiting for him? Release dates for Reba Season 2, and, best of all, Gilmore Girls Season 5! Both shall be released on December 13th. The best part is that Set shall have season 5 of Gilmore Girls before Season 6 is halfway over, and therefore, he can get caught up on everything that he missed out on, although he has watched a decent chunk of season five, but not the beginning. Alas, he may be forced to wait for the parents to give him said show for Christmas, but he hopes to avoid that.

Sadly, all is not perfect: Reba once more has double sided discs. Set LOATHES double sided discs for tv shows on DVD with the greatest of passions, so the fact that he has to put up with it on a show that he is quite fond of... not pleasant.
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Pluto close up

Let's go nepotism, let's go!

So, I go to the mail room here, because I think (think) that my package from bestbuy has arrived. It hasn't, which means that, unless something changes within the next hour or so with the UPS man, I don't have new movies/shows to watch over the weekend. Granted, this is not a bad thing, I can deal. But, I'm amused because Doug, Kristie's little brother, got the job. Kristie is the mail manager, has been for what is going on three years now. Do you see where I'm going with this one? I'm not bitter, since I didn't even apply for the mail job. Now, if nobody called me for the desk attendant job, which I DID apply for, I shall be depressed. Very depressed indeed. That would suck, I think it's because the guy, one of the head guys here, doesn't like me, since I applied for RAship while he was in the class, and he heard me admit that I didn't like people (because, resident advisors are supposed to, like, be all people pleasing zombies. I disagree with this), among my many other negative comments, so I think, but can't be certain of, him throwing my application away and just carrying on with life. Not like I need the job, but I did like it. So, good job, Doug!

In other news: New Ayu video. I downloaded it, because I can. It's kinda balladish, which is good, because I love ballads ever so much, but the video is BORING. Nothing happens. Nothing. Also, during class today, I said that the man was keeping the women who worked the factories of the 19th century down. The man. You know, THE man. Instead of being celebrated for my correct statement, I was mocked. Well, not seriously mocked, but people gave me the look. Then, I went to Wiki, and looked up 'the man,' which does have an entry (thus proving why wiki is badass), and, within the context, I was right. So there. HA!