August 31st, 2005

White Phoenix Base by alrischa


There's this movie that's on lifetime right now. I flipped over to it, watched about ten minutes, mostly because it has Sarah Chalke (Elliot on Scrubs, Becky #2 on Roseanne), whom I think to be quite the sexy. So, I do some research on this movie, right? Sarah Chalke, born 1976, which makes her 29 as of right now, maybe 28, don't remember the exact birthday. The movie was made in 1996, which means that she was anywhere from 18/20 when she was filming it, playing a high school student. This is not bad, I'm willing to give people a little bit of credit when it comes to ages, a year or two I won't bitch about... at least not like that, if it's a 14 year old playing an 11 year old, yeah, then I roll my eyes, but 20 year olds playing 17 year olds or so... nothing bad there. Interesting little side fact: Sarah Chalke is younger than Sarah Gilbert, which means that, when she came to play Becky, she was actually younger than the person who was playin' her little sister.

So, we've established the age of Sarah, this is fine. Now we get to the other guy. I have no idea who he is, just some random person, odd name... his date of birth is 1966, which means that he was around 28, 29, 30ish when hge was filming... now, that doesn't make me very happy. I HATE how Hollywood does that. Or maybe I just hate the way that the people who can do it in hollywood can get away with it. I mean, this guy, he could pass for a teenager, so it wasn't bad casting or anything... I'm just like 'shit...' All I know is that, if I ever became an actor, which I wouldn't, since I have no talent and am fugly, I would do everything in my power to avoid getting stuck being a high school character. Seriously. BEG people not to cast me as a high school student... it was painful enough the first time, it would just be hell the second time, even if I got paid for it, I wouldn't put up with that shit. Nicholas Brenden (Xander on Buffy, for those who aren't pop culture gurus like me), once said that 'he hated going to high school the first time, and he hated doing it the second time.' Indeed, I feel his pain, well, not really, but, in spirit, I feel his pain.

Incidentally, I was expressing my woes to some of my friends at school today, and they proclaimed that I gave off 'friend' vibes instead of 'I wanna fuck you silly' vibes, which, apparently, has something to do with the whole 'never having a girlfriend' aspect of life. Depressing, the information was. God forbid a male not wish to bed someone right away. Pity that such things are the standard by which my generation is judged. Well, that, physical attraction (which I don't really have much of), and financial appeal (I have some of that, not enough for the college womens, though). But I accept that this is my fate. I don't like it, but I accept it.

Other random, smaller tidbits: I really don't like any of my classes aside from the one that I have at the earliest time (9 AM, MWF). They're all long and boring, the saddest being that one of those classes is a creative writing class, you know, that thing that I want to make a life out of... yeah, it sucks. It sucks because we're not doing any writing yet, I want to write, I want to read what other people are writing, I want to do stuff... not read boring ass stories. POINTLESS!!! Pisses me off, SO MUCH! Chicano Lit just drags, burt right now we're reading 'Bless Me, Ultima,' which I read back in 11th grade, such a good book, SUCH a good book. Aside from that, though, the class sucks. And my World Lit class is also boring. The instructor looks like Rick Rivas (only those of you who know me in real life and went to school with me will understand this comparison), he seriously does. I was amused. It sucks, because Sarah, one of the most gorgeous girls that I've ever had in class before, who is actually nice to me so we talk, was trying to add, but then she decided not to, so I don't know ANYONE in that class, and, normally, when it comes to English classes, I know a sizable majority of them right out the box. I know at least 1/3rd of the students in my American Novel class, and about 20% of the students in my fiction class. Oh, wait, my chicano lit class has a bunch of people that I don't know, either. A bunch of white people who 'want to learn more about other cultures,' not that I have anything wrong with that... it's just an amusing answer. Especially from Californian students, who are basically engrossed in Chicano culture at every twist and turn.

I haven't written the Opus cubed in like a week and a half. It isn't that I don't want to write it, it's mostly just that I'm tired, physically, and since writing the opus cubed is on my own time, and writing for my groups is actually something that I need to do, because I'm on a schedule that isn't my own, and I'm okay with that, I told people that I wouldn't start posting the story until at least next month, which, technically, starts tomorrow, but, you know. Another reason was that I didn't really know where I was going. I mean, on some levels I did, but those are things that I needed to have established in the middle and the end, and right now I'm in the beginning, so I didn't have anything that could be used and wasn't just a bunch of filler. Now, I have something that I thought about, and it makes me happy.

Aidan's so amusing. I think he's a good kid, seriously. It's funny, he doesn't come in to my room, like, ever, he'll always stand at the doorway, and I tell him 'you know, you can come inside if you want,' and he's always running around, doing things. He was seriously astonished when I told him that there were vending machines on the premises, it made me chuckle. Like I said, nice kid. I haven't met any of his roommates, though. Well, maybe one of them, he hangs out with Aidan sometimes, but we've only said 'hey.' Another thing that I kinda wonder about is why I'm the only one in the immediate area who even bothers to have his door open. I have my door open, my blinds up, until about 9 PM, whenever I'm home... nobody else does that, at least not that I can see, and from my vinate point I can see at least six other rooms. Nope, nothing. Well, this was a rather longwinded entry, deal with it.
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