August 29th, 2005

Pluto close up

This is to remind me...

That I need to fork over the cash and pay for another year of paid service. It expires in three days, and I forogt when they sent me the 10 day notice last time, so this message is in hopes that I will be reminded of the fact that I need to buy me some journal time. In other news: the VMAs sucked beyond all comprehension. The Killer's and Kelly Clarkson are horrid live, Puffy should be shot, or, at the very least, never allowed to host again, and Mariah kicked ass. I need to buy YET another new keyboard, the one I just got not even lasting a month before it was killed, last night, by my fat ass knocking it off the desk and then the spacebar key popped out, and I tried to put it back in, didn't work... stupid fucking keyboard. Piece of shit. Now, off to class!
Pluto close up


I have a white hair, according to Amanda... it makes me sad. I blame it entirely on the harpy and her horrible ways. Apparently, I am Amanda's 'fill in boyfriend,' since she broke it off with her man, but she still has the perks of screwing him. Friends with benefits, indeed.
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