August 19th, 2005

Pluto close up

Cable Internet is my friend, Solid is not

Yes, good people, that is right. Cable internet is a wonderful thing. Anything is a step up from the horrid ordeal that I had to go through before with my pitiful 26.4k connection, on a 56k line, no less. It sucked, so much. So, I'm here, in my college town, which shall remain undefined because there could be stalkers about. If you don't know, you don't need to know, that's just the way it goes. Anyway, once again I get placed in the same 'room' where I have been each time I've lived here. To clarify what that means, I'm always in the same section of the apartment complex, always have been. Not that I'm complaining, but it's kinda odd. I've met two of my roommates, both of whom seem to be decent people. The one I share a bathroom with is not here yet, and, as always, there is a small chance that he may not come. If that happens I wonder if I can commission my RA to just open the door for us so we can have a room to hang out in. He'll probably come, though. One of my roommates, Stephen, is a nice guy, but he's one of those people that needs to think about what he says before he says it. Yesterday, at our 'mandatory' meeting, some guy was like 'we don't need girls!' Of course, this was to be taken sarcastically, but Stephen asked 'what are you smoking, and are you gay?' To which I did the classic hand on my forehead and shake said head move. Like I said, nice guy, but honestly, you don't ask stuff like that. It's... just not right. The other roommate, Brian, maybe with an 'i' maybe with a 'y,' I didn't ask. He's a nicer fellow, as in less likely to make me groan and roll my eyes. Yesterday we was talking about how he can't get into the sixth dungeon in A Link to the Past, so I, being the Zelda god that I am, showed him how, and it made me happy. If you're curious as to what he wasn't doing, he wasn't playing the flute in front of the statue in the town and releasing the dove from the stone spell that it was under. But, with a little help from yours truly, said problem was quickly solved, and he was able to go on to dungeon six and get his ass kicked. Hey, I can only get him there, I can't guarantee that he will make it out without a few lumps.

Solid, as always, is being a bitch. It always goes down. ALWAYS goes down, like, without fail, it goes down, when I finally have the speed to look at it and the pictures that people post of my hottie korean lovely, BoA. Also not working is my YIM, it was working earlier, but then the modem got cut because of something, I fixed that up, but YIM still isn't coming on. I wonder if this is a normal thing, but if so, I don't care. As long as I can check my e-mail, I'm pretty good as far as needing YIM goes. In other news: Sean has given me the three BoA vids that I missed out on due to my unfortunate summer situation. We watched them, and we held each other and squeed like little girls, because it is BoA, and we love BoA. For those who are wondering, we did not really hold each other, it's an in joke, worry not about it. The squeeing like little girls, however, I assume did happen. What can I say, we loves our BoA, and BoA loves us. It is as it should be.

I filled out the application for working at the front desk, where I worked two years ago, well, three... shit, now I feel old. Actually, I was one of two people who were 'seniors' in the area, and that made me feel old, too. SO OLD! I hope I get the job, but at the same time I don't think I will... if I do, great, if I don't, oh well. It's not like I NEED the job, but it's nice to have, and I actually do like working a lot. Watch, if I do work, it will be during Gilmore Girls, and that just isn't acceptable. Speaking of television, while I get my networks just fine, which allowed me to watch GH for a good portion of yesterday and all of today (which was quite boring, aside from Jason, and I screamed out JASON!!!), I don't get any of the cable channels, lifetime, VH1, Cartoon Net, Disney, that stuff... it makes me sad because I like those channels, I don't know what's up. If I don't have them by monday I'll be calling and asking 'what's up with that?' I got my digital cable box, and the channels that I NEED the box to get come in just fine, but the other ones? Nope. Sadness.

Also sad is the fact that the people that I am neighbors with, while not living in the same cluster as me, have yet to say anything. My door has been open, I'm right by the door, because my computer screen is there, and they haven't said anything. I could say something, too, but, yeah... I don't. Hypocritical of me? Probably, but at the same time I don't expect people to actually introduce themselves to me, I just wonder why it doesn't happen. Must be because I'm Mexican. If my roommate is not ethnic in any way, that means that I am the only person of color in the immediate area.

I hate people who come knocking on doors trying to sell us shit. This guy asked if I wanted the local paper, I said no, he was on his way. This is fine. But then he goes and asks the aforementioned neighbors, and starts trying to sweeten the deal. My lord, that man was annoying.

One thing that really, really sucks about my living situation is the fact that I'm RIGHT outside the basketball court. You know what that means? Jocks, drunks, and just plain annoying people will be playing ball early in the morning or late at night, and it's RIGHT there. Depressing. I know. Still, good to be back. College town which will remain undefined for security reasons (as in, people who know, don't comment so other people can read. Thanks in advance), how I have missed you.