August 7th, 2005

Pluto close up

Random tidbits...

Tidbit #1: Set loves pie! LOVES PIE!!!! Coconut cream pie pleases Set greatly. Mmm, pie. Mmm, coconut cream pie. The father stealing a part of the coconut cream pie, despite claims that it would be saved for breakfast this morning, however, does not please Set. Damnable father and his pie stealing ways. He steals much of the food. Much of the food! It is highly discomforting.

Tidbit #2: Set hates labor. He was going to do labor today, even set his alarm all early so that he could wake up and sort out the recycling so that he would have money with which to spend on fun things, although the details are unknown at this time. They would, however, be fun, that much is certain. He woke up at 8, like scheduled, then decided that he wanted to go back to bed because he still has a week stuck in this hellhole and he can spend that week getting more cans which means more money instead of doing it now and then having about 2 weeks of stored up cans and other products that will take up space. Therefore, next week, Set shall do this recycling... yes, he shall. With the beloved 'magic box,' he can listen to his music and make time go faster.

Tidbit #3: Set loves his fatty. For those that are unaware, Set's fatty is his kitten Sassy, but Sassy loves to eat, very much, so she has been nicknamed fatty, despite not being that fat. Set also loves to make his fatty dance, as he did yesterday. He did so by dangling a piece of turkey meat high above fatty's head and laughed while she attempted to get it. Dance, Fatty, dance! Set shall likely partake in this activity a few times before he leaves, then he will miss fatty... and his Ricky, and his Snarf...

Tidbit #4: Set has watched far too many episodes of Gilmore Girls for his own good. Since procuring Season 1 last Thursday, not the one three days ago, but the other one, and the subsequent two seasons that following monday, he has watched almost 60 episodes, and will continue to watch them until he is finished with Season 3, which may be finished as early as today, but probably tomorrow, a week after being purchased. And then he will have no Gilmore to watch, and this will make him sad, but he will then have Thundercats to watch, and that will make him happy.

Tidbit #5: Set desires Gilmore Girls and TRAX icons...
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