August 4th, 2005

Pluto close up


I watched 9, count them, 9 episodes of Gilmore Girls yesterday. Essentially, a 3rd of the second season, in one day. Granted, it was various times, in spurts, but that's still a whooooooole lotta Gilmore Girls. Not that anything is wrong with watching excess amounts of Gilmore Girls, in fact, it is a good thing.

But, I think it fucked with my mind. I mean, honestly, last night I had this dream, right... and I was at the school, my college, and I was talking with a friend and combing my hair, don't ask how those are connected. Nothing big... but then, for some strange reason BoA is at the school, singing, and then she sings 'If You Were Here Tonight,' my favorite song off the 5th album, and then she starts to leave, but before she leaves she hugs people, including me, and I damn near pass out because it's BoA, the vision of perfection, deeming me worthy of her touch.

The Gilmore connection is made imnmediately following, as I end up walking to one of my classes, and then, for some reason, Tristan, not my Tristan, but the Tristan in Gilmore Girls, comes around and starts talking to me about dropping out of school. He's still dressed in the Chilton uniform, and I try to talk him out of it.

Not very much is connected... but nonetheless. Odd.