July 30th, 2005

Pluto close up

The Harpy Queen

Has mandated that I sacrifice my moralitist intregity for her sick, twisted, vision of a family day by dragging me over to some sort of Indian Casino... this makes me sad, because I A) Hate the harpy and B) hate the fact that I have to sacrifice something that is important to me just because she gets a bug up her ass, and she does have a bug up her ass. A big bug.

I'd ask girltype to come, but there's no telling how smashed she'll get, and I try my hardest to keep my friends away from her when she's hammered for the sake of their humanity and sanity and because I want to keep my friends my friends.

Sadly, T apparently decided to stay at Jen's apartment in Gilroy and never talk to any of us. This makes me sad, but we've still got the house moving thing next week that I want to help with... yup yup.

So, how much would this cost me... I mean, how much would I have to claim I gave up my morals for the right price? You never know, if I hit that jackpot and win the big $$$, I sure as hell won't be complaining. And if I, me, hit the jackpot, you can be damned certain that I won't be giving away any of it to people who walk by like my mom. She did, she won like 2500 dollars and she gave at least 500 of it away just to random people, instead of me. That's 500 dollars that could have been MINE. Damn that woman. Damn her to hell. At least I got the zen nice and loaded up with music so I can listen...
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