July 23rd, 2005

Pluto close up


VICTORY IS MINE!!! Well... somewhat. I GOT MY COMPUTER BACK!!! ALL MY FILES ARE HERE!!! YAY!!! But the guy said that it was one of the worst cases of spyware and viruses that he's ever seen. They had to Quadruple check everything to make sure that all the crap that corroded my computer was taken care of. He also said that defragging my computer took 5 and a half hours, when it should have only taken 45 minutes. This is not to be unexpected, since I have no clue what it means to defrag something and didn't know how to do it, so I never did. And so, after 22 days, my baby has returned to me. *pets his baby* and I am happy. He also advised that I only use mozilla as a browser and never use IE. I can accept this. I never use IE anyway... stupid thing. I hate Internet Explorer so much! They also waived the fee for memory installation, since it was their error that I even BOUGHT the memory to begin with. That was good. All in all, it cost 200 bucks for them to look at and fix my computer. Okay, 187, but I round up. Still, my baby is back!!!

But, all the news is not good. I took my Creative Zen (It's like an Ipod, but not) to the store because it also got sick, so they replaced it... but I noticed that the box was smaller. I didn't take that into consideration very much, till I got home... and realize that the reason that it is a smaller box is because it is no longer packaged with an AC adapter, which means that I cannot charge my creative zen, which means that I cannot use it... and that sucks. BUT MY COMPUTER IS BACK!!! AND I GOT ICONS FROM watts2525, AND... well, that's about it.

Wait, I went to coldstones, got some strawberry ice cream, then gave the person some tip. Apparently it was the wrong tip jar... because the girl was like 'Josh (for that was the name of the person who the tip jar apparently belonged to), you got a tip.' Then she proceded to sing. Cute girl, till she started acting like a crackwhore. Then the cuteness went away, and the urge to smother her to death was high.

Yo, girltype, T stayed with the fam at the place where she's doing the reunion at. She'll be around tomorrow and will presumably stick around till the first. We'll do something then, although C still SWEARS that she doesn't talk to P... so before we drag P along we should ask T, because if that causes drama then we don't want it. I dunno, I was thinking we could hit up the Garlic Fest on Friday, since its the day where it is the least packed... but we'll think of something. Plus, I can copy your cds soon...

MY BABY IS BACK!!!! *pets*