July 19th, 2005

Pluto close up

Computer Update and Summer Rant!

I just called the people at Best Buy, giving them a three day leeway since last I pestered them... but since they've had my fucking computer for two and a half weeks I think I'm allowed to pester them... anyway, they're defragging the hard drive right now because apparently it was disorganized to all hell. I have no idea HOW a harddrive gets disorganized... nor do I know how to keep it organized so this doesn't happen again. Anyway, they said that it took all day yesterday and will quite likely take most of today, so, at earliest I will have my computer back this evening or tomorrow, although I will not keep them to their word on that one... Still, it is good to hear that they are working on the computer as we speak. I will need to ask them how to prevent such errors in the future. Best of all, this defragmenting erases nothing and therefore I will keep all my pictures! KEEP THE PICTURES!!! Happy me!!

I have concluded that I need more Icons, but I cannot look for images to make icons while my modem is the shit, which this modem is... so this is sad. I can't even look at watts2525's icons because there are so many and they cause my program to die... because they are that great and such a lowly modem cannot look at so many of them without bursting into flames. I bought the 50 for a year, only cost 10 bucks... but I'm only using... 23 or something. Plus, plenty of them are months old. Some of them will be kept for a long time, of course... others need to be changed. Change is good. But I fear losing my precious femslash picture. I love the femslash picture. I made that one myself... which is why it sucks ass.

Daddy said that since I've spent all summer watching the poochies that I don't owe him the 300 dollars that I owed him to help pay for housing next year, this pleases me, although I sitll have 200 dollar contact bill to contend with as well as all the money that the computer is costing me, since apparently I'm paying for that, too. Plus, I have to deal with the fact that I took out 2500 bucks for this school year to help pay for housing (since I don't get a free ride anymore...), so that means I have to start thinking about paying that back, but I can do that, or at least put a serious dent in it, if I work during the year, which I hope to do.

Another conclusion I've reached is that I need to get the fuck out of this place. A large chunk of the reason why I'm not being able to sleep is because I'm stressed, we've decuded this, and a big reason for the stress is because I hate being here. I hate being around my parents so damned much, or at least the harpy. My grandma offered to let me stay at her place, and I love my grandma, but at the same time she lives with my uncle, a crackhead, who hangs around with my other uncle, another crackhead, and my cousin, who I hate, frequently stays around during the weekend as well. So I think that, sad as it is to admit this, its less stressful for me to stay here than it is to go over there. I've only got a month left, or about that, a month and some change... I think I can survive. Hopefully.

It's funny, I had plenty of plans for the summer. Okay, not plenty, but I had a few plans. I was going to work after a few weeks off and then I would make plenty of money to pay off my dad for the money I owed him, the money for the new contacts, money to pay my cell phone bill, and then I would have a bunch of money to keep for myself that I could spend like mad. I was going to get the cobalt blue gameboy SP... can't get that. I was going to get the Electric Blue Nintendo DS... can't get that. I was going to get Seasons 1-3 of Gilmore Girls, Season 1 of Everwood, Season 1 of Bewitched... can't get any of those... and plenty of other things that I'm not even remembering.

*Sigh* I hate it here. And to think I don't even know what I want to do in a year and a half when I actually HAVE to start thinking about it.
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