July 17th, 2005

Pluto close up


You know when random clips from cheesey 80s movies flash into your mind it is NEVER a good thing.

Case in point: For some strange, unknown reason, I just got the urge to watch 'The Monster Squad' because, again, for some strange, unknown reason, I got the scene where the sister of one of the main characters read something in latin, and then it didn't work because she wasn't a virgin and she was all 'but we only did it that one time and it didn't mean anything!' or something of that matter, and then a little boy points to a little girl and goes 'is she a virgin?'

GOD that's some horrid cinema right there... but that's the best part about cheesey 80s movies, they can be the worst thing ever, yet you still love them. Why else do I still hold on to Who's That Girl? Granted, things like 'The Garbage Pail Kids Movie,' and 'Howard The Duck' should be erased from the memory of the people for the sake of humanity, but some of that cheese is quite good. Incidentally, a friend of mine was unaware that they even made a Garbage Pail Kids movie, so I was like 'oh yeah, they did. It was painful. SO very painful.' Then he gave me the internet look (aka the: ...................) and asked if I watched it. I think he assumed that I saw it in theater, which I don't believe I did... or if I did, I can't remember. And Chris LOVES Howard the Duck. Don't know why, but he does. Strange boy, that Christopher, but that's why he's so great... he's random.

Seriously, Sundays suck without the possibility of Desperate Housewives. I did watch Hush, the Buffy episode, just for the hell of it. I've actually found that it doesn't retain the same fun factor that it did the first time I watched it. I pretty much stopped watching Buffy after season 3 ended. I caught a few episodes of 4 and 5 here and there, then I went away to college and caught the tail end of season 6, and watched a good portion of 7, so I started asking for the DVD sets for Christmas and then I got them all and saw what I missed. Hush was REALLY amusing the first time I saw it, a year ago or so... now, not so much.

I MISS MY SOAP!!!! ARG!!!! This is why weekends suck, no soaps, no school, I just sit around and realize how I have NO life at all. It's worse during the summer, lemme tell you...
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