July 16th, 2005

Pluto close up


I have been without my computer, my real computer, the good one, the one that I like, for 15 days now. 15 days. That's half of what that Morgan Spurlock guy does for that damned FX show that they never stop advertising (ironically enough, the next one involves a woman trying to get her daughter to stop partying so much... were it my situation, it would be the other way around). While I am thankful that I have this other computer to keep me occupied, at least somewhat, I grow very weary of the fact that I cannot do much of anything on this piece of shit computer. I cannot watch many of my videos, because I don't have any on here, and the CD drive is shot, so I can't put in the cds that I have, or even regular music cds, the latter which is fine since I have my surround sound, but Cheon Sang Ji Hee's single must be played on the computer, so that does depress me. I will survive, though.

The story is muddled and bad. I take the computer to Best Buy, since it is close and I don't want to drive all the way to San Jo to go to the gateway store (a mistake that will never be repeated, should my computer become ill again...), and I figure that they can find out what's wrong with the computer, no problem. Right? Wrong. The first guy who worked on the computer told me that I had a bad RAM stick, and that they didn't carry that type of RAM in the store, so I have to go all the way to Fry's, in San Jo, to get the RAM stick, and since it is RD-RAM, I have to buy two of the same kind because RD-Ram is the suck and does stupid shit like that. So, I think, okay, I'll buy the same type of RAM that I bought back when since that's probably the RAM that broke, seeing as how I put it in. 240 dollars for the RAM, a trip to deliver the RAM to Best Buy and tell them that I want them to install the RAM and keep on searching for the problem. Add 30 dollars for the memory install fee, and we're off.

3 days later I go back to Best Buy with the rents, because I figure, what the hell, we're in Gilroy, I want the new He-Man DVD that just came out, and I can check on my computer. This is good, we do this. I go and talk to someone else, his name is Donovan, nice guy, this Donovan. He tells me that A) they never made any log of me having brought the RAM for them to install, but lucky for me the RAM is not lost. B) He says that the guy who looked at my computer before is a fucking idiot, okay, he said dumbass, but nonetheless, and that he would do the work himself. This pleases me, because it seems like someone who knows what they're talking about is going to try and fix my computer. I leave Best Buy, after waiting 30 minutes, give or take, for the information, and before I get home he ends up calling and saying that my computer is dirty to all hell and that might be the problem. Another 20, but whatever. He then goes on to say that they never made a note of me paying the 60 dollar Diagnostic fee, but I have the reciet, so I will show them that in time. Donovan calls back, says that the RAM was not screwed up, which means that person A is truly a moron and that I spent 240 dollars that I didn't really need to spend, 240 dollars that cannot be returned because FRYs will not take the memory back once it has been purchased. However, upon installation, I have a gig of RAM, this pleases me, because a gig of RAM is basically enough to do just about anything. Donovan then says that he will run the spyware/virus doohickey and that he was already doing it and it had caught some 50 odd types of Spyware on my computer. I think that my computer has a virus, always have, and McAffee never finished running (it would always freeze), and sometimes it was like 'we can't do anything about this.' Fucking McAffe. Anyway, Donovan says that, while he makes no promises, my computer, fesibly, could be ready by that night, or within a day or two. No call on Friday, this is fine, upsetting, but fine. Saturday, I call them and ask what is up, the guy says that he will go to work on it today... it is now 4:02, I have heard nothing from him since 10:30 or so. Alas, I doubt I will have my computer back tonight.

There IS a moral to this story, though... TAKE YOUR DAMNED COMPUTER TO THE COMPANY THAT MAKES IT! Or at least not Best Buy. However, there is some good to come from this story. Donovan says that the computer will require a simple umm... basically an update of the windows 2000 system, but the odds are high that I will lose none of my files. This adds another 50 to the bill, but I care not because I just want my files and my computer to work.

Still, I miss my computer. Although the MotU DVD did kick the ass. Yes it did.
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