July 1st, 2005

Pluto close up


My computer got sick and died... well, it didn't die, but it got really sick and had to go in to the shop to hopefully get fixed. I miss my baby, and if the hard drive gets wiped I will not be happy. I will NOT be happy because I will lose all my clips and music videos. Think about that for a moment, would you? I have like 400 music videos, live performances and various other clips... and they would just be GONE. Plus, all my pictures that I have for my character models would be gone... and my files and everything else. Needless to say... PLEASE DON'T KILL MY HARD DRIVE!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!! The computer went to the magical place known as Best Buy in an attempt to get fixed. I think the keyboard got fucked up, too, so I had to buy a new keyboard, and I'm using a really old and PUTRID one that I've had for four years and it has a bunch of dirt and shit on it... but it's the only one that works. So, at best buy I go and buy a new keyboard, but it has a cd, it isn't just plug in and work... and the cd drive on this computer hasn't worked for years because it sucks, so yeah, no new computer. To add insult to injury, Best Buy had both Spin and Swimming Upstream, two movies that star two of my character models, Ryan Merriman and Jesse Spencer respectivally. I want said movies, but noooooo, no money for them. PLUS, girltype forgot what Wednesday was, because she's a baaaaaaaaaaaaad person. *snicker*

But all was not bad today, far from it. I got my contacts, so I now have my blue eyes again, which pleases me greatly. The television repair man came and said that he could fix both my television and father's television, which is also quite good, and GH was not the suck... but still... MY POOR COMPUTER!!!

Pray for my computer for me.
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