June 23rd, 2005

Pluto close up


Funny story. You know those parking blocks in the parking lots of places? Those concrete blocks that are used to make sure that cars don't run into each other. Well, we're walking into Nob Hill today, and drunkard, being who and what she is, isn't paying attention to what she's doing and so she falls forward onto her knees right in front of a bunch of people. I had to hold in my laughter, since it would have been ill timed and mean, and if it was anyone else I'd probably be concernced, but since it's my mom... well, yeah. She's fine, although now she's getting drunk off her ass because she wants to forget it happened.

WTF moment. Said drunkard is going to be a bar tender for four hours at the rodeo this weekend. Let us hope that the drinks that she gets are not free, because she will suck any profits that they could hope to make dry. She asked me if I wanted to do it... and for a second I was enticed, for it is 10 bucks an hour and I, being unemployed, could use 10 bucks an hour, plus tips. However it would require me to engage in the drunken debauchery of my hometown folk, 85% of whom know me and my stance on alcoholism, so my rep would be tarnished. Besides, upon further inquiry, there was no job for Set Set, it makes him sad.

Sad moment. I don't think one of the kitties is going to make it. She might. I hope she does, but, in all honesty, she's really sick so I don't think she will, and if we take her to the vet, where she went yesterday, odds are that they'll just be like 'we have to put her down.' I'm trying to spend some time with her and make her passing comfortable, or just try and coax her into staying alive. If she dies tonight god help me, because that one over there... well... yeah...
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