May 26th, 2005

Pluto close up

bless my creative zen

and its ability to block out a good deal of the pointless banter that comes out of the drunkard's mouth whilst filling the void with the beauty of asian pop.
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    Shinhwa- Perfect Man
Pluto close up

Oh yeah

Attempted to sell my PS2, the bulky one, over to EB, because I figured, hey, I don't need this anymore, and I want that damned sexy cobalt blue gameboy SP (tell me that thing isn't sexy, go ahead, tell me, because you'd be lyin!). So, I go to said EB, and then I give it to them, and they look at it and they go 'it's broken.' You know why they say that its broken? Because it doesn't have the little things on the bottom that cover up the screws. That's it. It doesn't have those little black pieces of plastic, so its broken. Instead of 70 bucks, they only give me 20, so I say, to hell with that and go on my merry way.

So, when I come home, I have this bright idea to take the little pieces of plastic from the small PS2 and put them on the big PS2. Good idea, isn't it? Problem: its too small, they don't fit. DENIED!


Drunkard's crying because one of the cats, a wild little kitten, almost got hit. She doesn't know this cat, but she's still crying and acting like a moron. However, the cat is DAMNED cute. I love it, too, but I wouldn't be crying.
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