May 2nd, 2005

Pluto close up

More You Send It!

Mostly for Vanessa... because I love her so much... but everyone else can have it, too. If you take, give a comment. Not like I do this much.

1st: Kangta's 3rd album video... if you go

Dong Bang Shin Ki: Step by Step, Live... finally got this, don't know if you have the live clip yet, but you can get it if you don't...

Dong Bang Shink Ki: Stay With Me Tonight... their first 'true' Japanese video. Hug the international version was in English... so, yeah...

Cheon Sang Ji Hee: Too Much, Live!!! Just them singing live. I think they're lip synching, but who cares. It's CSJH!

Pluto close up


YOU bought me two months of extra icon usage??!

Now I have to go and think about 50 of them... *sigh* so many icons, so little time. But thanks!
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