April 11th, 2005

Pluto close up

Behold the power of British Soaps!

The wedding of some random fictional characters over on Coronation Street, a really old Brit soap, beat out the wedding of Charles and Camilla in the ratings...

Granted, Charles' wedding to Diana kicked both their asses, but still, I laughed.

What isn't so funny is that they had some 12 million people watching... our soaps get like 5 million viewers, tops...

Le sigh.
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Pluto close up

Random Facts:

I hate Country music. I HATE Country music... but I've been watching the CMT awards since 8... which means I've been doing it for almost two hours. Why? Simple: They promised me Heart. Ann and Nancy I do love, therefore, I will put up with Country music...

But I have concluded some things about Country music while I watch...

1) My love for Reba is great, SO great. I was highly upset when she didn't win the video of the year... simply because it is Reba, and Reba deserves all the awards in the world, since she is superior to all.

2) I might just well cry when Loretta Lynn dies.

3) I WILL probably cry when Reba does.

4) Reba turned 50 about a week and a half ago.

5) Trisha Yearwood is chunky, but damn if she isn't pretty...


That is all.
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