March 28th, 2005

Pluto close up


Okay... not all of it... but a snippet of Susan Lucci's Emmy victory... they showed it on the Jane Pauley show (which I have never watched before, but La Lucci was on, and La Lucci commands my soul...) and when I watched I got all tingly. Now, I don't watch AMC... really, I end up having class and even if I didn't have class odds are I wouldn't become addicted to it like I have GH (because it lacks Scott Clifton... beloved Scott Clifton), but that really doesn't matter. It's Susan-friggen-Lucci... she demands the respect.

So, I'm content because I saw more than an itty bitty part of her victory, showed everyone standing up, as well they should, Rosie crying, a bunch of other people crying... was good, powerful shit...

*sigh* I still wish I had the whole thing, though.

In other news, I have my 'desired' class schedule for next semester. Looks like I'll be going to school every day of the week again... but I have two classes with Matt Brown. So much love for Matt Brown, he amuses me to no end and makes even the most intolerable crap tolerable...
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