February 7th, 2005

Pluto close up


I went to the library and asked about why the people haven't called. Seems the guy hasn't come around yet. Bastard though he may be... I just want my internet fixed. *pout*
Pluto close up

It's fixed... kinda...

Apparently the reason my DSL was shut down was because I had a virus of some sort that was sending out a whole lot of spam E-mail (so, if you got a spam mail from me... SORRY!!!) and they had to shut it down for the obvious reasons. The guy who came around fixed that problem right up, or so we want to believe, and said that he would have the people who he works for switch me back on. However, that means that I still don't get the computer working tonight, which means that I'm stuck here in Computer Lab land waiting for the sweet day when I can return to my room and write in peace. I have a tag that I should answer... but I HATE writing in public.

In other news: We're going to read The House on Mango Street for my 257C class. Why? Because I gave the most impassioned speech of my life whoring that book out. How did it go? A little something like this:

'The book is like 107 pages of really lite reading. We'll be reading these books at the end of the semester, so lite reading is a good thing.'

And with that logic behind my plea, the House on Mango Street was one of the two books that were picked for the class to read. I think the people who want to be 'smarty pants' and make it seem like they're the best thing since sliced bread are displeased, but fuck 'em.