February 4th, 2005

Pluto close up


As I wait here in the computer lab for the umpteenth time, I've still gotten no call from the folks over at 'fix my damned DSL modem' central. Depressing.
Pluto close up

The situation has just become intolerable!!!

There's a new Bada video that I COULD download... if I had the internet.




I'm giving those people another twenty minutes before I go and call them again and ask why they haven't called me back like they said they would.
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    frustrated embittered. Fucking internet
Pluto close up

It's funny

How when I have the internet constantly at my side I don't update this damned thing AT ALL... but when I don't have the internet, that's when I make sure to keep this thing updated semi-frequently... although I do actually update quite frequently over at the GH group. Posted a rant there, nobody has posted back yet, I feel sad.

So, here's an update: Fucker took my number and got it wrong, therefore the guy who was supposed to call me didn't get the right number TO call me and thus couldn't make an appointment with me which meant that I had to call and ask what happened and NOW I'm going to be without the internet for the entire weekend.

That's right.




At least in my room. I mean the computer lab is like 20 feet away and since it is the weekend I don't really need to worry about people doing their schoolwork until Sunday night. But I do have to worry about dealing with people. Hiss. People. I dislike people ever so much.

If I get off the Buffy fix I've been on (despite seeing about 95% of the episodes I've never felt comfortable writing for Buffy... wish other people could do the same...), I might end up watching some SMS. Outers Love and all that. But nonetheless I'm looking at a weekend where I'm going to be very bored. Pity me. More than you already do.