January 23rd, 2005

Pluto close up

School starts tomorrow!!!


In other news: Watched Halloween Resurrection (which I'm aware I can't spell...) last night, since it was the one that had Ryan Merriman, so I was all 'Ryan Merriman... movie... nothing else on... okay.' Jamie Lee died, or appeared to die (those Myers, they're apparently quite formidable...), so maybe the whole thing finally friggen stopped. It wasn't even scary, it was stupid. Busta Rhymes didn't die, which was what I WANTED to happen... because then some form of retribution would be acted upon for 'woo hah' or however the hell you spell it, if that's even the name of the damned song.

In short, Halloween, not scary, not very interesting.

So, this morning I'm up, looking for stuff to do... you know, the usual. Anyway, lifetime shows Dangerous Child, another movie with Ryan Merriman, which I saw before. He beats up Delta Burke... teehee. So I watch that one, too, since I have nothing better to do and I think Ryan's a pretty decent actor (nevermind the fact that I use him for a character model... nothing to do with it... nothing... honest...) and the movie's pretty good, aside from the abuse on the poor kitty.

I'm half expecting Disney Channel to show Smart House, Luck of the Irish or A Ring Of Endless Life tomorrow, and if any of those movies are shown... well, it depends on what time, because of Everwood and all... that'd be funny though.

My friend thinks I should use this as a slogan, 'To hell with this television for women moniker that lifetime uses, I like lifetime, and I'm all man. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to listen to boybands and watch soaps.'

Speaking of Boybands, my TV guide thing lies to me... it tells me that VH1 is doing a behind the music on the backstreet boys... and I'm all 'hey, I can see how washed up they are now,' so I'm all for watching the damned thing... and it LIED to me. Because it wasn't on when it said it was, so I checked the site, and they don't even show it at all. It was depressing.

I miss behind the music... they had some really good ones, they did.

I've scarely talked to my parents since I've been back, it's odd. But comforting.