December 25th, 2004

Pluto close up

The Swag

Mario Tennis
Baten Kaitos
Dragon Clock Thing That I DIDN'T Ask For
Buffy Season 7 (Two Copies, Because My Parents Are Simple Creatures And Don't Buy Them TOGETHER)
Other Little Dragon Thing That I DIDN'T Ask For
Madonna Calendar, Again, No Request Made
Wavebird Controller (Now I have 4, WEE)

The missing swag
Buffy Season 6 (Sniff)
Reba Season 1 (Sniff Sniff)
Daria Movies (*sigh*)
Utada Exodus (No Loss Here)

Christmas STARTED on a happy note... watched the GH Montage, held back tears (so beautiful, soaps do christmases right, lemme tell you) but it's already went downhill, because my mom got anal about how I shrank her shirts... unappreciative harlot.