December 9th, 2004

Pluto close up

Reasons why Haruka OWNS!!!

When you can be cruel and make it look kind, my friend, then you have learned what it is to be an Outer Senshi.

SO TRUE!!!! SO TRUE!!!! Haruka's a bitch, but she's soooooooo good at it, we just nod and accept.
Pluto close up

The Growlanser Saga

Step 1-20... waiting for working designs to actually put the fucking game out!
Step 21- Walking to the store
Step 22- Getting the game
Step 23- Walking back home
Step 24- Realizing the game doesn't work
Step 25- Anger
Step 26- More Anger
Step 27- Next Morning, Walking Back to Store
Step 28- Get New, Working Game
Step 29- Walk Home
Step 30- Game STILL Doesn't Work, Thus Proving that PS2 Doesn't Play Blue Disc
Step 31- MUCH Anger
Step 32- Walking BACK to the store
Step 33- Getting New SMALL PS2 Bundle because they don't have any single small PS2s
Step 34- Walking Home With Large Box, Alone, In Dark
Step 35- Hooking up PS2
Step 36- Playing Game
Step 37- HAPPINESS!!!

The new PS2s are soooo creepy, though. SO TINY!!! SO TINY!!!!
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