November 28th, 2004

Pluto close up


I just realized how easy it would be to have Hyesung's hair as seen in this video. Love his hair. Love his VOICE!!! If I had Hyesung's voice... dear lord I'd be happy.

But I'm not happy now, because I wanted to write with someone and I think she just went bye bye after being on 'be right back' for two hours. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Damnable people. They try and make me do my paper, the rough draft. I don't wanna!!!! But I will. If nothing happens by 2, I will do my paper. Probably 3-4 pages... at least half of it, and since it's a 7 page paper, yeah...

STUPID ERIC!!!! Go away, you ruin this song with your idiocy. Eric ruins everything.
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Pluto close up

Fucking 'eh...

I've come to a conclusion...

I cannot put up with Korean Pop fans anymore. They're so stupid. They get so utterly pissy about EVERYTHING!!!! It's the same way in Korea as it is here... people take their offenses to a different level and it's stupid. I don't agree with everything that happens, or everything that is said, but I don't go and rant and call people names and...

well, sometimes I do!! But, I mean, like when I say I'll be sad when FttS breaks up, that's because I WILL be sad when it happens. I'll be crushed, but I'm not going to go and get crazy and try and do stupid shit to bring them back together. I'll just sit in my room, crying, listening to monologue over and over.

No, for those that care (if any do), nothing happened directly to me, but I've been checking things since that whole DBSK rotation deal came around and I'm seeing some incredibly narrow minded people. Even some FttS fans were getting pissy about a review of album 5 (which I loved, and I didn't agree with everything that was said), but they attack the person as a person. He wrote about the album, he didn't go and blast the singers...

Fucking people.
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