November 25th, 2004

Pluto close up


Hyori won three, THREE Daesangs in 2003... BoA only got TWO in 2002... Hyori, who is the Korean Britney (IE: Fake Whore With No Talent) has more awards than someone with ACTUAL talent!??! Stupid Koreans...

HOT has like 8 or something... no, 7. They got a shit load. FttS didn't get any =(. None for Shinhwa, either.

Speaking of Shinhwa... Hyesung and Minwoo are working on solos!!! HYESUNG SOLO!!!!!!!!! Minwoo's solo is meh... but he's mah boy, so I support. But Hyesung... my god, that man... that man has a voice on him.

My father has gone on the quest for cool whip.
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