November 20th, 2004

Pluto close up

I've concluded something...

I have nothing against Steven. Truly, I don't dislike the character in the least. I do, however, find it very stupid the way that they make him be the universal savoir for EVERYONE! I mean, even Jason didn't go running around and saving a million people in the span of two seconds. I realize that they're trying to set up the Carly/Steven thing... but I'm this close to expecting, at some time, to be watching Steven walk on water, since he's becoming some sort of messiah.
Pluto close up

My soul has been stolen...

people took pictures of me. I did not allow such things to be done... but they were done.

On an unrelated and much better note: Vanessa got me the BoA 2005 Calendar. Next Year my wall shall be plastered with BoA!!!!!! It would be mean if I didn't hang it up and worship it. She liked the presents I got her... which she is almost sure to post on her LJ, since she posts EVERYTHING that she takes with that digicam of hers (obsessed, be she).

We watched J and K pop... twas fun!!!!!
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