November 10th, 2004

Pluto close up


Set just ordered him his ten new kpop albums!!!!

Said albums include, in alphabetical order:

Bada Volume 2: Aurora
Dong Bang Shin Ki Volume 1: Tri Angle
Eugene Volume 2
Fly to the Sky Volume 5: Gravity
Minwoo Volume 1: Untouchable
Seven Volume 1: Just Listen
Seven Volume 2: Must Listen
Shinhwa Volume 5: Perfect Man
Wheesung Volume 1: Like a Movie
Wheesung Volume 2: It's Real

Awww, shit... I didn't get Group S... but I'll get that next time!

If YOU want any of these albums burned, just say the word and I'll burn them either when I'm at the 'rents, or before I go. Whichever.

I'm all sad, though... my mom just said that we're not getting a REAL tree this year, we're getting some fiberoptic thing... or something. All I know is the tree ain't real, and it cost 300 fucking dollars. That's 300 bucks she could have spent on ME!!!!

*sniff* the lack of Pine is going to depress me.
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