November 6th, 2004

Pluto close up


THAT was interesting.

Just listened to DBSK Hug the ENGLISH version (for a Japanese video, apparently... odd... but anyway)... yeah, they're about as good with English as you would expect for a bunch fo Korean boys. Mickey's got decent English, but since he was BORN AND RAISED in America...

Actually, that doesn't hold much weight since Eric from Shinhwa was raised here and his English sucks ass... nonetheless, it makes sense for the American to have the best English, even though Mickey gave up his American citizenship for a Korean one (damned bastard, wish I could do that. Brian still has American citizenship, so NYAH!).

Speaking of Brian... I was doing the happy dance, seriously, THE HAPPY DANCE because of FttS 5 that was SUPPOSED to come out on Monday, then Yesasia pushed it back to Thursday and I'm like '.......................................' now I don't know if I can get them shipped over here in time for break, so I might have them ship to my parents'... but I want that album sooooooo much!!!!

I'm also rather saddened. Sean missed Scott Clifton's birthday... AND THEN HE MISSED BoA'S!!! Blasphemy...
Pluto close up

I've realized some things

It's not a very big 'revelation,' of course, but what the hell... innane journal entries in MY damned journal are fun.

I hate slow paced RPing... like, really... I can't stand waiting for other people to post things for an extended period of time. I can wait a day, I can wait two days, sometimes... but, damn, people... grr. I also hate joining groups with a million other members. I'm all for big groups, truly, I am (Hellbound's in the mid-90s at the moment)... but if there's a group and its huge it's a turn off to other people because there's that many people who have been there longer than you have. I'm also not a fan of a million pre-mades that you can't see unless you join a damned group, its depressing because what hapens if you join to look, look and don't find anything then leave? I'd hate to do that (even though I've done it once... with owner agreement, still, felt bad, yes I did).

Worst of all is the fact that good Sailor Moon RPGs are like... im-fucking-possible to find. There's 2019843094039409302493940390385912409390430 HP RPs out there, most of them are crap (a majority of them probably are... this is what happens when you have such shallow basis) but they keep going... I think. Maybe they don't. It's not like I look at them. And then there's all these damned celebrity RPs that I see advertised (some people have no shame... using a celebrity as a character model is well and good... but pretending to BE the celebrity... dear lord... I thought I didn't have a life... at least I'm not trying to live someone else's... well, someone who is a real person)... plus all the Buffy/Angel/LotR/Charmed/X-Men/etc etc... and those can stick around for a long time... but any Sailor Moon group??? Noooooooooooooooo, can't stay around at all... bastards.

So, yes, that's my rant.

In a more focalized rant, I'm saddened by the fact that Hellbound's webpage is sooooooooooooo shitty. It hasn't even been updated since before I joined. I see other groups, they have these kick ass webpages, but ours? Pathetic. I should talk to someone in the group and get them to make at least a better one... or something. I'd do it, if I knew how to fucking do anything web-site related, its not like I don't have nothing but free time on my hands.

Wow, rant... Bada makes it better!!!
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