November 1st, 2004

Pluto close up


I scared Blanco by telling him of my brush with suicidal thoughts. It wasn't anything big... really, it just happened when I was a kid. Fun stuff. Now he thinks I have issues... well, MORE issues than I already did.

Lets see... class is cancelled, and I've decided to ditch my 11 o clock to study for my midterm at 12, so I got a little under two hours of free time... well, an hour of true free time and then I need to get to reviewing. Nothing big, I just need to look over my notes, this isn't the type of test that one needs to STUDY for, just a quick refresher.

I'm gonna see if this computer lets me watch Kpop.
Pluto close up

I WILL Have The Babies...

Of the person who can get me the video to SES' AI TO IU NA NO HOKORI!!!

I love this song so much, and while I have the SONG (because of Vanessa), I really like having the videos more than anything else!
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    SES- Ai To Iu Na No Hokori (best SES song EVER!)